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Professional help with building an ecommerce website for your business. We can help you organise online sales, choose the right payment processing, and set up secure hosting to protect you and your customers.
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eCommerce1There are more issues to consider now than there ever were before for people running e-commerce stores – whether you are just about to step into the world of e-commerce, or seriously reviewing your current e-commerce platform or build. It’s no longer just about what framework to choose – it’s also about how do you establish a point of difference for what your store is offering, so that people “don’t just go to Amazon.”

It could be that you think you want to display a lot of product like shown here on the left (which indeed this site does on inner pages), or, you might want to go for a statement about the mood and tone of your product offer which shows that you are indeed different, whether you are striving for better quality of service or simply trying to create a slightly more upmarket image. If you check the front page of this site, you’ll see just what we mean.

There are hundreds of other issues to consider. What kind of delivery pattern did you have in mind? Once you have weighed up your delivery system, how well is it going to pan out across your product range?

Are your staff ready to deal with live chat modules? What are they anyway? There are lots of questions to ask and discuss the answers to – we can help. Just talk to us, we will probably raise quite a few ideas you might not have thought of.