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David Smith

About This Project

David Smith is a particularly good photographer – with exactly the painstaking attention to detail and careful eye which is needed to deal with all the reflective metal and glass surfaces which car photography always throws at the practitioner from a technical viewpoint.

Dave’s keen eye meant that he had a strong point of view when it came to exactly how picture transitions were managed in his website; how long a fade should last between one photograph in the portfolio and another; what kind of fade it should be; were we delivering the best possible picture quality; how easy would it be to add another shot later…

We abandoned our plans to use jquery to deliver the portfolio site David had so carefully specified and built it in Flash instead. Normally we never entertain building a site completely in Flash as it’s much harder to attract search traffic for a Flash site – though it can be done by weaving in under-layers of search friendly material. (Contact us if you’d like some more details about that.)

However Dave needed the logo we had designed to appear exactly as specified which was in a rather obscure German typeface – called Din Schriften. He also wanted the type within the site to appear looking exactly like the logo too. You may not know this, when you use an Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox to look at a website, those browsers will only display the typefaces you have within your computer already. We generally get round this by saying to your computer “first display this type and if you don’t have it then display that type”. However if the type is something obscure, like the German type just mentioned, we have to take some special steps to display it. Although Flash has its disadvantages it will do one thing very well – and that is display your pictures and type in exactly the way in which you want them to appear.

Dave was also conscious that his portfolio site would be viewed by many people in an advertising agency environment – many of these would have huge monitors on which to view. We had to make special coding adaptations to ensure that the site displayed centrally on every size monitor available including the really huge ones.

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David Smith