| work for Paratus AMC, an asset management company and specialist loan provider and servicer
Work for Paratus AMC, where we developed and planned the web presence working closely with the client team to create an authorative identity with highly functional web presence across pc tablet and mobile. We also provided highly secure hosting.
corporate website design, financial website planning andd design
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Paratus AMC

About This Project

Paratus asset management or Paratus AMC as they are more commonly called are a leading company in the specialist financial sector, serving the needs of some of the largest financial institution in the UK and Europe. Their target audience includes mortgage providers, banks and other asset management companies as well as other financial institutions.

Paratus deal with specialist loan servicing, special mortgage servicing, problem loan servicing, problem loan management, mortgage loan servicing and other mortgage administration. They are a large, capable and high-tech company, whose performance compares extremely favourably with that of their nearest competitors.

For the landing page we searched and selected some impressive photographic representations of leading cities throughout Europe to reflect their pan-European base. These were taken from their aerial perspective to give a feeling of a large overview which is certainly-what Paratus AMC offers to their respective clients.

The landing page site is presented in three different languages: English, Spanish and German. Users are invited to select the language of their choice using a map based interface in the central control panel section, with alternative drop downs as a second choice. The site has been made tablets and mobile friendly as well as working well across a variety of different operating systems and browser interfaces.

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Paratus AMC

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