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About This Project is a specialist site selling designer tools designed and made by a company called Elementary Design. It’s a small London based company that unusually in this day and age makes its own handmade wooden screwdrivers. These are designer products rather than “run of the mill” everyday tools.

We wanted to design a website that would do justice to the fine quality of the client´s products, which would stand out, showing how well-crafted the products were.

Initially we made an ecommerce site for them using Cubecart, this ran very well for two years then began to be difficult to manage because of some inherent inflexibility in adjusting it to meet the varying requirements of PCI compliance. We replaced this system, re-using many of the same text and photographic elements in the old site, with a WooCommerce framework, which supported a Netpay hosted page payment method to take Visa, Mastercard and other credit and debit cards as well as Paypal. We also did all the payment processing application work for Elementary, as like most people, they were far too busy doing their normal work to get involved with the form-filling and detail of payment application and processing.

Best of all, we were able to customise the installation to make it completely responsive, which means that the screwdriver looks good on tablets, including Iphone and Android Nexus 7 and also behaves in a user-friendly way on iphones, smartphones, and Android phones. This is important as half of all visitors are using these systems now to access the web. Without the customisation, ordering product using a smartphone can be difficult – whereas having finger-friendly tabs and navigation makes a massive difference.

The WooCommerce framework we put in means that the people at Elementary Design can access their own page details and amend and edit text, as well as changing product details and prices whenever they need to. They can also view orders before approving them, which means orders only get despatched when they are ready to fulfil them, and the payment system is fully automated and requires no manual intervention.