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More and more companies want security. can help you setup a secure email service.
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Secure Email services

secure-emailMore and more individuals, organisations and businesses want secure email as part of their normal internet service, we can help. We can setup and organise a cloud based simple low cost system for you, which works on all devices and is at least 50% more secure than normal services. And for those who need a highly secure service, we can custom install an extension for the Thunderbird email client that adds an extra layer of privacy to your communications. Using the OpenPGP standard of encryption, it encrypts and decrypts your messages when they arrive, ensuring no one else can read your secrets. There’s Integrated OpenPGP key management and you can customise which recipients receive certain unlock keys.
We can also offer you a system that looks like a webpage used way back in the early-2000’s, which uses some high technology to ensure your online communications are as secure as possible. As well as using dedicated unlock keys for any email address, messages are sent to other users and then unlocked through their unique address, complete with an electronic signature. It may sound pretty complicated, but in simple terms it means documents and files you share will not be stored on a server anywhere.
If you’re looking for a totally safe and secure way to send messages online then we could just have the perfect service for you. Ditching the whole set-up process entirely, getting started with our Grade A service is easy and your message is sent using an AES-256 bit encryption method. After the email is sent, you just need to deliver your unlock key to the receiver – this may seem a bit roundabout, but it is the best way to ensure your chosen recipients are the only ones to unlock and read your message. They can also be read on your smartphone. When viewed, messages are immediately deleted from the servers –  excellent.