| Professional Web hosting for UK businesses, with servers based in the UK
More secure website hosting based in the UK, for UK businesses.
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Web hosting and management

webhostingWe offer four different web hosting solutions to you. None of them are of the cheap and cheerful variety, because in our experience when they go wrong, your business is in trouble and there is no technical support worth having with the “Cheap as chips” model.

So our hosting choices start from £12.50 per month ex VAT, then we offer a range of different security solutions depending on what kind of operations you want to perform online.

We have UK based web hosting solutions for all of our UK based clients as they tend to be quicker and more reliable.

We also have highly secure solutions for businesses who want to do e-commerce as it pays to be safe at both ends of the transaction. If you’re not sure what is meant by that, it really is time we had a chat!