| Website design from beginning to end
From a blank piece of paper to a fully finished and working website, we will design the whole thing from beginning to end involving you at each stage.
Web design, graphic design, web typography, web photography
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Website Design

When we approach website design and development we look at all the issues from the user’s point of view. How will your new website appear on different computers? When it is opened on an ipad or an android nexus 7 for example, will the design adapt itself to deliver an appropriate shape? Will visitors actually be able to read the text and use the navigation?

The same issues are there for the smartphone user – more than half of all website visitors are arriving on a smartphone. Younger people, that’s all they ever use. If your friends run a business, see if you can navigate through the site on an iphone or an android, like a Galaxy. Can you get your fingers round the navigation menu? Can you actually press buttons and make things happen, can you swipe from area to area easily when you need to?

Sounds obvious we know, but try that test for yourself on a few of your friends’ websites – you’d be surprised by how many businesses are let down by a lack of responsiveness.

Will it be easy for a visitor to move from one place to another?

Above all when a new visitor arrives at your site will they immediately know “where they are” and what is it that you do? These are just some of the factors we take into account when designing your site – or helping to develop an old site into something more effective.